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All is Quiet

I’ve been enjoying some rest before the big day, which has kept me at home a lot more than usual. The days are quiet, which is a little unexpected because I am used to busy weekends with cats underfoot. I thought that they were busy during the day – maybe eating or playing – but… Continue reading All is Quiet

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Yoga – with cats

Maddie does her yoga. #catsofinstagram A post shared by Laura Feeney-Greer (@ellefeeney) on Oct 22, 2015 at 3:23pm PDT I’m trying out a new stretching/yoga routine to relieve some back pain – pretty basic, non-blog-worthy stuff. But this hilarious thing happens every time I unroll my yoga mat: The cats descend on me. At first… Continue reading Yoga – with cats

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A Good Lookout

Belle seems to have found a new lookout spot. She’s now obsessed with spying out the window overlooking our driveway. She announces my arrival with meows and loud brrrrring. I don’t know how else yo describe the sound, but you can never sneak home without one of the cats announcing your arrival. I love hearing… Continue reading A Good Lookout


Moving… With cats

Things are pretty loud in this car. We’re moving our most precious, and angry, cargo. They’re hot and screaming. I have no advice for cast owners, other than: just don’t move! What a perfect end to the day! (Note – cats and humans made it to the house in one piece. We’re exploring together. It’s… Continue reading Moving… With cats

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Shared Spaces

Our days in our apartment are numbered. This is fantastic, but it’s hard not to look back on our first home with a little nostalgia. Over the past two and a half years I like to think our neighbours have come to know us. We chat with a few frequenly – they know about our… Continue reading Shared Spaces