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The Sweetest Crochet Doll Pattern

Hi folks! My grandmother always said that the warmest gifts were handmade. Well, if that’s true, then I have a little doll pattern that’s sure to warm you heart! I started this project about a week ago and it’s almost complete; I just need to finish her hair and dress. The pattern for this Weebee… Continue reading The Sweetest Crochet Doll Pattern

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My Baby Foodie

The month of August was a challenge, which featured a growth spurt, teething, and a sleep regression, so I’m more than ready to move forward! To start, I want to share my current addiction: Homemade Baby Food! Yup, we’ve started solids and little Elliott loves them! She’s a fan of cereals, fruits, veggies, and meat… Continue reading My Baby Foodie

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Running Through the Summer

Summer is here and I’m eager to lace up my new running shoes. I’m also exhausted from being up 2-3 times a night with a baby; the same baby who insists on never napping during daylight hours. After my first few runs of the year, it’s obvious that time spent on the road is therapeutic. I’m… Continue reading Running Through the Summer

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Running Again: Finding my Motivation to Exercise as a New Momma

A few weeks ago I needed a bit of a confidence boost, so I posted a photo of myself with the following caption on my social media accounts: Just finished my first 5k post-baby – and it was haaaaaard! I stopped running a year ago because of significant morning sickness; I left work at 34 weeks… Continue reading Running Again: Finding my Motivation to Exercise as a New Momma


Let’s Catch Up

Hi! I’ve tried to write this post maybe… 15 times now. It’s possible that my daughter is programmed to wake to the sound of typing – so I must write quickly if I ever want to blog again! The past few months have been busy, to say the least, and more stressful that I predicted.… Continue reading Let’s Catch Up