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The Sweetest Crochet Doll Pattern

Hi folks! My grandmother always said that the warmest gifts were handmade. Well, if that’s true, then I have a little doll pattern that’s sure to warm you heart! I started this project about a week ago and it’s almost complete; I just need to finish her hair and dress. The pattern for this Weebee… Continue reading The Sweetest Crochet Doll Pattern

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Mother’s Day – Celebrate Yourself!

This Sunday will be my first chance to celebrate Mother’s day! What a ride it’s been so far! On any given day I try to snap a cute photo of my little girl doing something ‘amazing’. Of course, I never catch these smiles or firsts, instead I capture blurs and strange expressions.  The series of… Continue reading Mother’s Day – Celebrate Yourself!


Merry Christmas – the night before

So guess who made a surprise visit tonight? Oh yea, Santa Claus. What a fun surprise! I hope you’re having a great holiday! Merry Christmas!


On Holiday – Being Alone At Christmas

Christmas Traditions – forgoing the surprise There’s one memory that returns to me every Christmas, giving me a strange kind of perspective on how much the holiday season really means to me. Several years ago I was stuck in the UK after a snowstorm grounded planes for nearly 5 days during the holidays.  I was… Continue reading On Holiday – Being Alone At Christmas

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Quick and Easy DIY Gift Tags

Say hello to this year’s gift tag DIY! Last year I made some super simple DIY stamped gift tags – and I loved the homemade tags so much that I decided to try something new. This year I cut simple tags from watercolour paper and splattered them with watercolour paint. I let them dry and… Continue reading Quick and Easy DIY Gift Tags