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My Baby Foodie

The month of August was a challenge, which featured a growth spurt, teething, and a sleep regression, so I’m more than ready to move forward! To start, I want to share my current addiction: Homemade Baby Food! Yup, we’ve started solids and little Elliott loves them! She’s a fan of cereals, fruits, veggies, and meat… Continue reading My Baby Foodie

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Welcome to Our New Garden

Welcome to my new home! Last summer we moved into a new home, which came complete with a large garden. When we first took over the garden was overgrown and wild – yet, as mentioned here, its potential was obvious. After a mild winter, we were excited to start our garden work in mid-May, with… Continue reading Welcome to Our New Garden

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Garden Preview – First Harvests in July

Welcome to our new space, the #GreerFamilyGarden! I can barely express how thrilled I am to finally have our own home garden! Scott and I have spent our past three summers tending to our community garden plot. While community gardening was amazing (check out our last plot here) – we’re excited to have our veggies close enough… Continue reading Garden Preview – First Harvests in July


Hot Dog Chips from Covered Bridge Chips

Hi folks. Tonight we’re trying out the newest flavour from Covered Bridge chips: loaded hot dog. Based on the artwork, I expected a combination of mustard, ketchup, and relish flavours. The chips actually had a slightly smoky flavour, reminiscent of a hot dog, with a slightly tangy flavor that reminded me of relish. Overall these… Continue reading Hot Dog Chips from Covered Bridge Chips

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Tons of Taco Recipes

My Dad gave Scott and me a taco cookbook for Christmas. Taking this as inspiration, we’ve now gone through several iterations of soft taco recipes – like the sausage, potato, and black beans pictured above! I wouldn’t have thought to buy a book on a single type of food, but it turns out that there… Continue reading Tons of Taco Recipes