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My Baby Foodie

The month of August was a challenge, which featured a growth spurt, teething, and a sleep regression, so I’m more than ready to move forward! To start, I want to share my current addiction: Homemade Baby Food! Yup, we’ve started solids and little Elliott loves them! She’s a fan of cereals, fruits, veggies, and meat… Continue reading My Baby Foodie

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Mother’s Day – Celebrate Yourself!

This Sunday will be my first chance to celebrate Mother’s day! What a ride it’s been so far! On any given day I try to snap a cute photo of my little girl doing something ‘amazing’. Of course, I never catch these smiles or firsts, instead I capture blurs and strange expressions.  The series of… Continue reading Mother’s Day – Celebrate Yourself!

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I’m Back: The Weeks Are Short

Before having a child I had a list of things which I would never do.  But last week, as I nursed my screaming infant at the center of a busy restaurant, I realized that there were nothing but exceptions to my rules. Parenthood is full of exceptions. I never wanted to breastfeed in public – I’d always expected… Continue reading I’m Back: The Weeks Are Short

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Welcome to the Family!

Hello! As you may have guessed from my absence, our new addition has arrived! And she’s perfect! I’ve decided to call her Elliott on the blog and social media- a combination of Elle and Scott. She’s now over a week old and weighs 7 pounds 13 ounces. So far she’s sweet and cuddly; every day… Continue reading Welcome to the Family!