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Quick and Easy DIY Gift Tags

Say hello to this year’s gift tag DIY! Last year I made some super simple DIY stamped gift tags – and I loved the homemade tags so much that I decided to try something new. This year I cut simple tags from watercolour paper and splattered them with watercolour paint. I let them dry and… Continue reading Quick and Easy DIY Gift Tags

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Painted Cloud

Christmas week is here! So this weekend I painted my first blog-worthy cloud background. I’m pretty excited, although it was literally one of the easiest things I’ve ever painted. I then ruined the background by painting an ugly tree on it… But seriously. Look at that cloud! I’m pretty excited to be getting back into… Continue reading Painted Cloud

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Fun Watercolour Techniques

This weekend I stumbled upon a watercolour technique pin on Pinterest that I just had to try, from Adventures in the Making: Here’s my take on the tutorial: Lol. It’s not quiet a “Pinterest fail”, but my attempt is a bit child-like when compared to the original. That said, this was a really fun watercolour… Continue reading Fun Watercolour Techniques

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On Telescopic Curtain Rods

So here’s what happened tonight. I picked up what I thought would be the perfect sized curtain rod for my 6 and a half foot window. I though a 72″ extendable rod should do the trick. (And I wasn’t wrong!) I got home and assembled the rod and it was enormous! I panicked – how… Continue reading On Telescopic Curtain Rods

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Minecraft Pumpkins – Patterns Included!

One of my favourite Halloween activities has always been pumpkin carving.I like to go all out. And this year will be no exception. This year Scott and I decided to play with the Minecraft theme – because we want to be the coolest kids on the block! (Our friend Greg helped carve the Minecraft pumpkin… Continue reading Minecraft Pumpkins – Patterns Included!