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Reflecting on Blogging and Photos

Time is passing quickly – it’s already February! Suddenly the days pass by in a flash and I miss all of the good lighting opportunities to take photos for the blog! That’s my excuse for having nothing to blog lately. Photos. Once again, they are a trouble-spot for me. Come to think of it, I… Continue reading Reflecting on Blogging and Photos

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A Day Off the Blog

Yesterday I decided to break my blogging streak. After more than a year of continuous blogging, I actively decided to let myself take the night off. And guess what – Nothing happened. I don’t know why, but I half-expected to feel like I’d let myself down. Happily, I didn’t – if anything I felt better about… Continue reading A Day Off the Blog

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The Days Feel Short

Time seems to be passing very quickly these days. With just thirty days between this moment and my due date, time feels like it’s slipping away. My feelings are very mixed – I want to savour these moments, but I also can’t wait for the next adventure! I always find that time has a weird… Continue reading The Days Feel Short

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Writing Quality Over Quantity

Look at my little writing partner! Over the past year I’ve been posting a lot. One blog post a day can really wear you out, but the challenge has been a great way to practice my writing. That said, I’m getting ready to start my next blogging adventure. And this one is all about the… Continue reading Writing Quality Over Quantity

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Looking Ahead – 2016

It’s been a very happy holiday season for my little family. The past year has flown by with a frenzy of writing. It’s funny how this blog has tracked a year’s worth of experiences – I can look back to see what I learned each month and remember so many events that otherwise might have been forgotten. It… Continue reading Looking Ahead – 2016