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My Baby Foodie


The month of August was a challenge, which featured a growth spurt, teething, and a sleep regression, so I’m more than ready to move forward! To start, I want to share my current addiction:

Homemade Baby Food!

Yup, we’ve started solids and little Elliott loves them! She’s a fan of cereals, fruits, veggies, and meat – and I’m obsessed with new recipes and flavour combinations. This stage is a blast!

I expected making food to be a lot of work. In reality, I’m already in the kitchen, so throwing an extra piece of meat into a slow cooker or some veggies into a steamer is not a big deal. 

I use a food processor, or my Nutribullet, to blend and freeze tablespoon-sized portions in an ice cube tray. I store my purees in ziploc baggies and defrost them in pyrex dishes. Total investment: nothing! I owned the supplies and my grocery bill has increased by about 10$ a week!

One of the best feelings is feeding my daughter fresh food from our garden. We have carrots, beets, and squash for her this year, which are great starter foods.

My enthusiasm has filled my Instagram with photos like these:

Beets fresh from the garden!
Peaches for you, peach smoothie for me!
Strained peas!

I’m obsessed. Some meals are less photoworthy (turkey – blah!), but overall it’s easy to cook and puree healthy food in my kitchen.  Most importantly, my daughter loves trying new textures and flavors! 


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