Nights Blur into Day

Aww look at that sleeping baby! What an angel, right?

No. Not really.

That baby is past the point of exhaustion and has passed out in my bed after a morning of nap failure.

The struggle is real.

As a first time Mom, I wish I had known one thing: Babies hate sleep. Simple as that. All babies hate sleep. If I had know (and accepted) this fact, then I would have been better prepared for the sleepless nights and days and nights and days and… what were we talking about?

But I couldn’t understand.

I heard that babies need 16 hours of sleep a day and I thought that this was achievable. In those first days home from the hospital, sleep was the last thing that anyone worried about. It just happened. Everywhere. And it was oh so sweet.

I remember hearing that people had to drive their babies in cars for some reason, or that people were “up all night”, but I assumed that had something to do with newborns eating every three hours. It just didn’t click. My baby would soon hate sleep with a passion.

Children hate sleep like that guy who’s convinced he hates green eggs and ham – they would not, could not take a nap; now lean in close Mom, I’ll give you a slap! Honestly, they scream and flail as you try to rock their tired little bodies. Their hands target your soft spots, grabbing your hair or scooping at your eyes. Anything to get away from the horrible punishment of a nap!

And then, when you think it’s hopeless and they’ll never sleep again, their little bodies go limp and they sink into a blissful sleep.


And it lasts about 20 minutes.

About as long as this post took to write… crap.

My baby is awake. We’ll talk soon.


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