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Running Through the Summer

Summer is here and I’m eager to lace up my new running shoes. I’m also exhausted from being up 2-3 times a night with a baby; the same baby who insists on never napping during daylight hours.

After my first few runs of the year, it’s obvious that time spent on the road is therapeutic. I’m an introvert and I sometimes miss my days spent on my own exploring big cities. Running gives me a taste of that freedom, in between gasps for air and burning muscles. I like to think that all runners have a love-hate relationship with the sport.

Running also gives me a chance to think about potential blog posts. I’ve been playing with a few ideas, including the following:

  • 5 ways to keep yourself entertained while running – without music (I truly believe headphones are unsafe, but have had such a hard time convincing people to ditch them when running).
  • Postpartum running tips – I’m picking these up as I go, but running after a baby does have its own unique challenges.
  • Gear reviews – I’ve got running belts, clothes, and strollers to share.
  • Inspiration inspiration inspiration – because we all have crappy days and terrible runs.

This week has been a little chaotic on the sleeping side of things, but once I’ve caught up there will be more time to blog.

I hope.


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