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Welcome to Our New Garden

Welcome to my new home!

Last summer we moved into a new home, which came complete with a large garden. When we first took over the garden was overgrown and wild – yet, as mentioned here, its potential was obvious.

After a mild winter, we were excited to start our garden work in mid-May, with our little goose in tow.

Little girl's first trip to the garden #babiesofinstagram #2monthsold #greerfamilygarden

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This garden was started by the previous owners last Spring. The edges were pretty rough, but it was obvious that they’d mixed in some compost after removing the sod. This would have been a huge job, so we were glad to have a large area to work with.

We started by cleaning up the edges and removing some annuals that were planted next to the main garden. We’ve marked a perimeter around the apple tree (located on the left-hand side) and left the wildflowers and cherry tree (on the right-hand side). We decided to add some compost from Island Waste Management, which is a super affordable option if you can get a truck to move it! We rented a rototiller to mix it all up…

and viola!

We have since created rows and planted a variety of vegetables.  Five consecutive days of rain have kept me from the garden, so I can hardly wait to see what’s changed. 


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