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Garden Preview – First Harvests in July

Welcome to our new space, the #GreerFamilyGarden!

I can barely express how thrilled I am to finally have our own home garden! Scott and I have spent our past three summers tending to our community garden plot. While community gardening was amazing (check out our last plot here) – we’re excited to have our veggies close enough for daily harvests!  I love being able to skip out and grab an onion or some lettuce for supper!

So the garden is irregular in shape. We took what the previous owners had cleared out and straightened out the lines – I’ll share the exact details in a post soon. For now, I just wanted to show a preview.

We’ve already had a small harvest – our salad greens are thriving (this photo was taken a week ago and they’ve since filled out considerably) – and our green onions are already overdue for harvest. I’m thinning the onions out so we can have some to cook at the end of the season.

We’ve also enjoyed a supper of steak and beet greens – a family favourite. We’re starting to see tiny tomatoes and peppers, and the snap peas have already reached the top of their trellis. I have a feeling that this summer is going to be wonderful.

I can’t wait to show you all the details of our new garden – and herb garden too! Check back next week for more!


One thought on “Garden Preview – First Harvests in July

  1. I can feel your enthusiasm, and wish you all the best. There is nothing quite like looking out and watching your garden grow. :-)

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