Blogging at the End of the Day

I have the hardest time writing at the end of a day. During my 365 days of blogging challenge, I often found myself writing in my bed at the end of the day. I would share something that happened that day and just post it. But now… well… I wouldn’t say that my life is boring – it’s… Continue reading Blogging at the End of the Day


Nights Blur into Day

Aww look at that sleeping baby! What an angel, right? No. Not really. That baby is past the point of exhaustion and has passed out in my bed after a morning of nap failure. The struggle is real. As a first time Mom, I wish I had known one thing: Babies hate sleep. Simple as… Continue reading Nights Blur into Day

Inspiration · Running

Running Through the Summer

Summer is here and I’m eager to lace up my new running shoes. I’m also exhausted from being up 2-3 times a night with a baby; the same baby who insists on never napping during daylight hours. After my first few runs of the year, it’s obvious that time spent on the road is therapeutic. I’m… Continue reading Running Through the Summer

Food · Garden

Welcome to Our New Garden

Welcome to my new home! Last summer we moved into a new home, which came complete with a large garden. When we first took over the garden was overgrown and wild – yet, as mentioned here, its potential was obvious. After a mild winter, we were excited to start our garden work in mid-May, with… Continue reading Welcome to Our New Garden

Food · Garden

Garden Preview – First Harvests in July

Welcome to our new space, the #GreerFamilyGarden! I can barely express how thrilled I am to finally have our own home garden! Scott and I have spent our past three summers tending to our community garden plot. While community gardening was amazing (check out our last plot here) – we’re excited to have our veggies close enough… Continue reading Garden Preview – First Harvests in July