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My Life on Instagram

I love instagram.

Right now it’s probably my favourite social network to browse – I love the pretty photos and the ease with which I can scroll through. People tend to post happy things on Instagram. Happy things make me feel… happy. And sometimes I need that little pick-me-up when I’m trying to encourage a three-month-old to nap.

She loves her bunny! #babiesofinstagram #playtime

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I’ve been sharing my life on Instagram for years. I know that people think it’s a silly, narcissistic social network (aren’t they all?), but when I look back at my Instagram posts it feels like a warm reminder of all the great memories of the past few years.

It's finally here! Any day now!! #40weekspregnant #babybump #babyGreer

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My life on Instagram looks pretty sweet – and sometimes I feel kind of bad about that. My days as a new Momma are not filled with photo-worthy moments; most days involve a lot of crying, spitting up, and poop! But there are these little moments. These glorious little moments that shine with the gleam of a perfect story. These are the moments that I can’t help but share.

This is my workout… don't worry, I adjusted her when I saw that she was WIDE AWAKE #vacuum #babywearing #nevernaps

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I’ve noticed that many of my favourite photos on Instagram aren’t always perfect shots – sometimes they are regular moments paired with beautiful stories. These stories are real; they touch my heart. This is what I want to share.

So I am going to try to share better stories along with my little moments. I want to be real, but social media is as far from real life as it gets! Let’s just accept that I’ll be sharing my favourite moments rather than the yucky ones!


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