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Baby Must-Haves: Hello Baby High Contrast Books


At two months old, Elliott has small bursts of playfulness throughout the day. She is alert and interested in the world around her, but I didn’t realize she’d be interested in books at such a young age.

We were recently gifted a copy of Hello Baby’s High Contrast book – it’s a board book with three pages of simple, black-and-white patterns with primary coloured focal points. After weeks of staring off into space, I was shocked by how well Elliott was able to focus on these simple images. Win!

I spotted a second Hello Baby book, Animals, during my first solo outing since baby (yea, that was a long time coming!) and I had to pick it up. This book features several pages of simple animal images on black or white backgrounds. And Elliott is absolutely addicted to the zebra page – it seems to calm and amaze her! I wish I could get this picture blown up to carry with me everywhere!


I highly recommend these simple, high contrast board books for your infants. They’re 5-7$ and their impact is fantastic!


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