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Lessons from Books: Wild by Cheryl Strayed


I’ve finally learned to hold a baby and eReader- an accomplishment that’s brought me back to one of my favorite hobbies – READING! Also, I’ve decided to take up doodling again by starting with book covers.  I’m not a great doodler, but it’s fun!

I decided to check out Cheryl Strayed’s autobiographical novel, Wild, which takes place during the author’s 1995 trek on the Pacific Crest Trail. The story was recently put to film, so I expected great things.

This story follows the author’s epic adventure through the wilderness. Strayed expertly sprinkles details of her past into scenes from her hike. Overall, it held my interest during 2 weeks of 3 am feedings.

What did I take away from this book? I was impressed with the author’s boldness and determination. As she shares her struggles of losing her mother and breaking up her marriage, you see her life spiral out of control. She turns down a dangerous path, yet finds the strength to pull herself away. I thought this was an inspirational story – yet somehow I never really connected with it.

My takeaway lesson: sometimes you need to do something outside of your comfort zone to get back on your path.

This was an interesting read – I would recommend checking it out of you have an interest in the wilderness or if you enjoy strong female protagonists.


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