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The 90s Called and They Want Their Lamp Back


Look what I found!

So I’ve been searching for months for a relic from my childhood – a touch lamp.

Did you guys have these? If not, you really missed out on a convenient invention: the light turns on and off by touching any part of the lamp’s metal base. I’ve been craving this simplicity for months now and scouring the Internet.

They’re so totally 90s – my childhood bedroom featured a classic light blue, flowered lamp that light many a Goosebumps or Babysitters Club story!

Today I happened across my dream touch lamp on an outing to Kent Building Supplies. The base is round and plain ivory, complete with a simple ivory shade. It’s very basic and came with a low price tag.  I also found a selection of replacement lampshades at only 10$ a piece! There are plenty of color choices to choose from in my future.

I can’t wait to try it out tonight – hopefully it’s just a simple as I remember. Sometimes it’s fun to relive the good old days!


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