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I’m Back: The Weeks Are Short

Before having a child I had a list of things which I would never do.  But last week, as I nursed my screaming infant at the center of a busy restaurant, I realized that there were nothing but exceptions to my rules.

Parenthood is full of exceptions.

I never wanted to breastfeed in public – I’d always expected to sneak away to care for my child privately. Yet, in the moment, it was the right thing to do – I soothed and nourished my little girl.  And, as the people at my table proclaimed, “It’s  2016! There’s nothing to see here”.

Passed right out #newborn #sweetdreams

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It’s moments like this where I realize that motherhood is been filled with surprises.

I was floored by how much contact my newborn needed for the first two months of her life. I expected her to nap – at least once in a while – and for me to resume my normal activities. This was a ridiculous expectation. Naptime for her, a rare occurrence over the past few weeks, was a time to eat/drink/rest.

My beautiful girl is five weeks old today #babiesofinstagram #smile

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I was so surprised by how quickly my little girl outgrew her bassinet and her newborn clothing. People ask me her age and do a double-take, since she’s already passed 11 pounds, yet I know some babies are born at 10! Their parents must feel sentimental from the get-go, as they pack away the sweet newborn sleepers before even getting to know their soft touch. Ugh.

Those eyes! #7weeksold #babiesofinstagram #love

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I’m amazed at how much one person can expel from their body. And by how quickly talk of bowel movements and spit-ups became the norm in my household. And by the amazing volume of laundry that one tiny human can produce. And by how long it takes to fold that amazing pile of tiny, doll-sized clothing. It’s my full-time occupation!

The past two months have been a learning experience unlike any other! Now that I’m beginning to get the hang of things, I hope to start to blog again. With the gardening season upon us, I have plenty to share!

Omg this little girl! #smiles #lizard #twomonthsold #babiesofinstagram

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