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DIY Crochet Elephant

Check out this cheerful little fellow… :)

I finally finished this crochet elephant for a friend’s new baby girl. I knew that the nursery colour scheme was pink and grey, but had no idea when I started the project that the theme was also elephants. How perfect is this?!

I used the same pattern that I’d linked in my red elephant tutorial – I still haven’t sewn that elephant… as I mentioned in my previous post: sewing is the hardest part.

I wanted this elephant to fade gently from grey to pink – which I accomplished by crocheting one row of pink, two rows grey, two rows pink, one row grey, and a final transition to pink. I love the finished product!

Overall this was a simple crochet pattern with adorable results. I particularly like how grabable the ears and trunk are for little hands – a perfect gift for a new baby.

Hopefully I’ll finish my red version of this elephant soon!


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