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Review: The Astronaut Wives Club

I just finished reading the Astronaut Wives Club, written by Lily Koppel.

My review for this one is a little mixed. The concept is awesome: delving into the backstories of the women behind America’s first crop of astronauts and discovering the sisterhood that emerged during the 1960s and early 1970s. I loved the excitement, the drama, and the reality; meeting the first seven wives of NASA’s Project Mercury and learning their stories was fantastic. I felt inspired by their unique struggles – they remained calm in the face of the unknown while an entire nation watched their every movement.

However, the author used a jumpy narrative to explore each wife and continued to add more and more wives as the story progressed, which was very difficult for me to follow. I found a lot of the stories to be catty and drama-focused, with little information presented about the space missions themselves. That said, overall the subject matter was so intriguing that I continued to come back.

Towards the end of the book we do start to see a greater focus on sisterhood and the special bonds that these women forged during a time of technological advances and womens movements. This was an interesting read – the tone felt fictitious, yet it is based in fact. I would recommend checking it out!


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