Week 40! It’s Finally Here!


Firstly, I must say that I feel like I’m a whale – but I’m still here! Waiting for the big day!

So it turns out that most first time pregnancies go overdue. I thought that was a well-known fact, but judging from the outpouring of messages I’ve received this week, most people think that due dates are just that: DUE dates. Ugh. Although it would be fantastic is my baby had better time management, let’s just give her some room to move at her own pace.

My life is pretty low-key this week. I’ve been reading, gaming, and watching TV – just letting the hours pass. My energy is next to nothing and I’m clumsier than ever (darn relaxed joints!), so I’m trying to keep myself away from chores and cooking. That said, I made some terrible cinnamon buns today (whole batch in the compost bad) and smashed up my knee the other day while trying to dust. Time to reel it in.

I’ve got some great ideas for blog posts. And some great ideas for household tasks. And some great DIYs in mind… but no energy to do them. Is it ok to just throw in the towel at this point and wait the whole pregnancy thing out? I say yes. Time to relax and unplug.


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