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Our Baby Girl’s Space-Themed Nursery

It’s finally ready – our nursery is stocked and ready for our new family member! I’m so pleased with the results, which were inspired, of course, by countless Pinterest posts and Google searches.

I wanted to create a whimsical space for a modern girl – something that would capture the imagination. I took inspiration from my husband’s interest in space – his newsfeed is filled with Space X and the International Space Station. I’ve long marveled at the idea of astronomy, and enjoyed a particularly spectacular star-gazing session on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, so a space theme felt right. Maybe some day we’ll turn star-gazing into a family activity.

I wanted to create a fun room on a budget since I am not really a fan of superfluous decoration.

We started with white vinyl stars from Fluke Decor – these can be ordered in over a dozen colours and arrived quickly! We decided to apply our favourite constellations to two of the purple-blue painted walls before filling in the rest with a random smattering of stars.



We selected two prints for the nursery. The sweet ‘Dreamland’ print comes from Charlottetown artist Kim Roach features the lyrics from my favourite the Mamas and the Papas song. The Twinkle Twinkle Little Star print is available as a free download from Lost Bumblebee – our printer’s black ink supply failed, which left us with a much lighter version of the print that matched the walls perfectly!


To save on space, we chose a changing pad to the top the dresser – I expect diaper changes will be done here for the first few months at least. We intend to add some shelving, but for now I’ve decorated with a Stay Asleep Hedgehog and a Le Toy Van Rocketship. I have a basic glider set up for cuddles and a lamp for soft lighting.


What nursery would be complete without a laundry basket? We found this Star-themed basket at Homesense – it should be full in no time!


And – best for last – I’ve added in one special DIY: a felted solar system mobile! I handcrafted each of the 8 planets to rotate around a cheerful little sun. The mobile plays “You are my sunshine” and can be easily transferred to a ceiling hook once our little one develops her reach. I’ll be including DIY instructions for this in the days to come – please stay tuned!


So there you have it – our nursery decor! I can’t wait to add the final touch… :)


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