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Reflecting on Blogging and Photos

Time is passing quickly – it’s already February!

Suddenly the days pass by in a flash and I miss all of the good lighting opportunities to take photos for the blog! That’s my excuse for having nothing to blog lately. Photos. Once again, they are a trouble-spot for me.

Come to think of it, I should make a list of the areas where I struggle in terms of blogging. Then I could start to think of solutions for each of these instances…

My blogging areas of weakness would likely be fresh ideas and photos. Once I have an idea in my mind, I can write for hours! And once I have something written, it’s pretty rare that I won’t post it.  I just need to keep churning out ideas. And coming up with some kind of companion image. UGH.

I wonder if other bloggers find posting photos to be as challenging as I do. Are there tricks? I could use Author Media’s advice and post free stock photos, but this approach doesn’t feel right to me. I think that a blog should feature the blogger’s own photos or nothing at all.

How do I keep blogging when my photo library has run dry?


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