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A Day Off the Blog


Yesterday I decided to break my blogging streak. After more than a year of continuous blogging, I actively decided to let myself take the night off. And guess what –

Nothing happened.

I don’t know why, but I half-expected to feel like I’d let myself down. Happily, I didn’t – if anything I felt better about writing. The break proved relaxing and a little bit inspirational. I thought about writing last night as I made the tiny hat pictured above (I’m still mass producing hats!) and decided that I want to strive towards quality over quantity.

I need to reevaluate blogging – but I will say that a year of continuous writing has provided me with fantastic practice and exposure! I look forward to taking more time with individual posts and bringing light to the things that I really want to share in the future. That will include new DIYs (ongoing, as you can imagine), recipes/gardening experiences, more book or product reviews, and plenty more PEI adventures!



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