Pets · Pregnancy

All is Quiet


I’ve been enjoying some rest before the big day, which has kept me at home a lot more than usual.

The days are quiet, which is a little unexpected because I am used to busy weekends with cats underfoot. I thought that they were busy during the day – maybe eating or playing – but in reality they mostly sleep all day. And slowly rotate their sleeping positions around the living-room. Day after day… Maddie sleeps on the tops of couches; Bella sleeps on the cushions. Today they both slept on the same chair, which looked like a little cat bunk-bed.

My quiet days are filled with lots of side-projects, most of which never seem to be finished. I need to pull some strings together so I can get the most impressive ones up on the blog before our new family member arrives!

It’s time to make a little noise.


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