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Review: Cocoa Butter Products from the Body Shop for Pregnancy


Everyone’s heard that cocoa butter is supposed to help prevent stretch marks. Whether it’s fact or fiction, I’ve been using three different cocoa butter products through my pregnancy – mostly because my Mom insisted that they were wonderful even if they had no magical properties. And I have to admit, the cocoa butter is pretty nice!

I’ve been using a combination of the Body Shop’s Cocoa Butter Moisturising Stick, Body Butter, and Beautifying Oil for about 6 months now. Here’s what I think:

Cocoa Butter Moisturising Stick: I originally used this on its own, but was not a fan of the dry texture. The stick is firm and glides roughly over my belly – which becomes more awkward as my baby grows and retaliates. I like the smell, but the coverage is thin and doesn’t leave me feeling fully moisturised.

Cocoa Butter Body Butter: This is my favourite product for ease of use. The butter is readily spreadable and absorbs quickly. I love the thick texture and smell; it’s great for general use on my dry elbows, as well as my belly. I find it really helps relieve any itch that could lead to awkward belly scratching – a must-have during the dry winter months.

Cocoa Butter Beautifying Oil: This ‘dry oil’ is an unexpected contender – I love how quickly it absorbs into my skin! It leaves my belly feeling moisturised without the greasiness that you might expect from an oil. I find it can be a little messier to apply to my belly; you’ll probably need to wash your hands after application. That said, this oil is fantastic for backrubs – something a pregnant lady can use from time to time!

So there you have it – three nice products with different uses. And, since I’m sure you’re wondering, I have yet to see significant stretch marks at 36 weeks pregnant. I’m not sure the cocoa butter is fully to thank (as genetics and age are also factors), but I’m pleased with the comfort that these products has provided. I’ll happily use all three until they’re empty, so there’s really no harm in having all of them!


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