We Tried Maternity Photos

Trying to get some maternity pics, but this ends up happening instead #catsofinstagram #tuxedo #love

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Today we decided to attempt some maternity photos.

Notice how I said ‘attempt’?

I haven’t had a chance to go through them yet, but I have a feeling that between awkward poses, squinting, and frowns, I’m not going to be looking fantastic. Then we add in exposure and a new camera lens… Well we certainly did our best.

I’ve decided that if there are three good photos, then I’ll be satisfied. That should include one tripod shot with Scott included!

I’ve seen so many people post these endless albums of perfect photos on Facebook, but I’ve realised that having just a couple nice photos is just as meaningful. I don’t particularly like photos of me and find entire albums to be overwhelming and even embarrassing.

That said, just having a couple photos to remember how my belly looked and felt will be special down the road. This, like every phase of my life, is special.


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