Baby Socks and Snow Days

There’s a storm in the forecast, so today Scott and I decided to run a week’s worth of errands. We got groceries and crossed a number of things off the “baby to-do list”, before spending a quiet evening in.

And yet the snow still hasn’t come. Hmmm.

Regardless, it was a fun evening and productive day. I managed to find a few exceptional items for our nursery – colours other than pink and blue – which I can’t wait to share soon.

You’re going to love our theme… :)


I also found the cutest baby socks – I mean, how sweet are those little faux slippers?! I’ve always thought that baby socks were the most wonderful thing on this planet, so buying my own baby’s socks was a dream come true. It’s so funny to think that we are picking out the things that our daughter will wear during the first year of her life – it’s almost here! Please take the keyboard away, I am getting all emotional!

So tomorrow might be a snowday – we’ll just have to wait and see! I feel like we deserve an ultra lazy Sunday!

Happy Weekend!


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