35 Weeks and Counting

Pre-haircut selfie #35weekspregnant #babybump

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I’m growing pretty quickly these days.

Life is strange when you’re 35 weeks pregnant. You can no longer hide your belly, or your waddle, and people are constantly asking you how you feel. Simple tasks are exhausting, you can no longer eat large meals, and sleeping isn’t really an option. I’m not really sure what the positives are in terms of feelings – but at least I know I’m close to having someone new in my life.

To pass the time, I’ve started a list of things to do. This includes things to pass the time, since I can’t literally prepare for baby every moment of the day. The list is still pretty short, but I’m hoping to share it soon!

Anyway, I haven’t slept much this week, but I did get a haircut today – so at least I’m feeling pretty! Tomorrow is Friday… So at least the weekend is on the horizon.


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