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Tons of Taco Recipes


My Dad gave Scott and me a taco cookbook for Christmas. Taking this as inspiration, we’ve now gone through several iterations of soft taco recipes – like the sausage, potato, and black beans pictured above!

I wouldn’t have thought to buy a book on a single type of food, but it turns out that there are so many variations to tacos, that a full book does them justice. We’ve been picking through and using the book as guidance, with our pantry providing the biggest inspiration. After years of using nothing but Old El Paso kits, this has certainly been a fun couple of weeks.

So what have we tried so far? Firstly, the simmered black beans are a big part of most of our creations, since they’re super easy: brown since onion, then simmer with black beans in veggie stock with added jalapeno and spice. Next we add in what meat or veggies we have on hand, including:

– chopped leftover sausage
– pulled pork
– grilled halibut
– roasted butternut squash or green pepper

We take cooking inspiration from the text, which helped me to finally master a delicious fish taco that takes less than ten minutes to prepare!

Next, add you cheese and optional sauces, including guacamole, sour cream, salsa, or even broccoli slaw (perfect with pulled pork) and lettuce or spinach if you’re feeling it. The possibilities are limitless!

We’ve been having a great time trying new combinations and wrapping up leftovers into new flavour combos. I had no idea that tacos could be so much fun!



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