Pulled Pork and Broccoli Slaw


My best friend and I love to joke about food trends. You know – kale, quinoa, frozen yogurt – the super healthy power foods that seem to appear from nowhere? The ones that are all the rage for a few months, despite not tasting that fantastic?

Anyway, we had long ago predicted that the next big thing would be broccoli stems. And this week, while shopping for a prepackaged coleslaw mix, I discovered a bag of broccoli slaw. Since it was affordable, and looked pretty healthy, I decided to get it to pair with pulled pork.

And it was actually pretty good!

I combined the slaw mixture (shredded broccoli stem, cabbage, and carrot) with a simple broccoli salad dressing (Mayo, sugar, and red wine vinegar) and served it on top of a homemade pulled pork sandwich. Apparently my ridiculous idea (eating broccoli stem) wasn’t bad after all. Which makes me wonder – what else could be the next big food trend?


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