The Struggle of Building a Crib


I’ve always questioned the sit-coms gag where the soon-to-be Dad struggles to put together the baby’s crib. I’ve always enjoyed building pieces of furniture and wondered why TV characters had such a struggle with something as simple as following a set of instructions.

Well, there’s more than simple instructional struggles that can come with build-it-yourself furniture, as we learned today. Scott and I purchased a crib and matching dresser for our new house-mate, hoping to get her bedroom sorted before the big day. Ha.

It turns out that both sets were missing a key piece, but contained a duplicate of another. Ugh! There’s really not a lot that can be done about it, but now we’ve got a little more work to do!

I suppose between shoddy instructions, badly-fit pieces, and missing links, assembling a crib really can be a challenge! We’ll never judge that sit-com gag again!


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