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Writing Quality Over Quantity


Look at my little writing partner!

Over the past year I’ve been posting a lot. One blog post a day can really wear you out, but the challenge has been a great way to practice my writing. That said, I’m getting ready to start my next blogging adventure. And this one is all about the posts themselves.

I want to stop worrying about the quantity of posts, and instead focus on their quality.

It’s not such a challenging idea – requiring just a little more time to be dedicated to brainstorming and editing. I’ll start taking the time to make my DIY posts look the way I’ve always wanted them. I’ll edit more photos and include more links. It will involve a lot less blogging from bed – but I’m sure I can make that sacrifice!

Over the weekend, I’ll be putting my ideas to paper. I want to share more of the good stuff and worry less about the constant content. Oddly, my biggest challenge might seem small: to break my chain of continuous blog posts. How do I stop?! And what if I can’t pick back up?

This is where the brainstorming will come in handy! Bring on the quality!


One thought on “Writing Quality Over Quantity

  1. What I’ve told myself is this — if you have a day of crazy inspiration and write like three posts or something, schedule them for say, every other day, that way if the next post takes a few days to write, you don’t fret over the lack of posts on your blog. When you schedule them, you can still go back and revise before it actually posts, and reschedule them if you think you need to. :) Just my two cents.

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