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I Never Want to be Caught in Pyjama Pants


It’s just past 8 and what am I wearing?

Pyjama pants.

Ugh. I’m actually confused by who I’ve become in the past weeks. For years I was never comfortable wearing sweats, pyjamas, or leggings-as-pants. But then my body changed; my belly expanded and my wardrobe couldn’t keep up. So suddenly I find myself trading my jeans at the door for pyjamas. And it feels so weird – like I’m strangely exposed.

I’ve always been told that one day I’ll appreciate dressing down; I’ll live in sweat pants or reach for something other than my cozy dresses. But I can’t wait to get back into those dresses. Or my regular jeans!

Anyway, I just wanted to float the idea out there – because I believe that I can’t possibly be the only person who feels weird about pyjama pants or gym attire. It serves it’s purpose, but I’m just not a fan!


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