Working at 8 Months Pregnant

Today felt like a marathon. Followed immediately by at least another half-marathon. Run in a set of daily marathons.

This is how life feels at 8 months pregnant.

I know, I’m complaining. That’s OK – at least I’m doing something! I’m still writing, which means somehow I’ve managed to complete a full day of work, make dinner, make lunch for tomorrow, and still have time to write before I lay down for another night of interrupted sleep. The things we women do!

I hear a lot about how things are only going to get harder. How life will become more complicated once the baby is born. And I’m intrigued. A little excited even. Why? Because all of the parents I know have told me the same thing: life is never the same again after you have kids. And you’ll never love anyone as much.

I know life can be a challenge. Getting dressed for work at 34 weeks pregnant is no small feat! But more than anything, I want to know what lies ahead. I want to experience the joys of parenthood and to learn to love someone unconditionally. So I remind myself that today’s pain and exhaustion – although an absolute frustration – will someday be worth it.

And then I close my eyes and hope to catch a few minutes of sleep before my bladder inevitably needs to be emptied… again.


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