Back into the Groove – we’re all dreading work tomorrow


I’ve got a handful of snack and my pjs on – it must be time for bed!

Like many people (incredibly lucky people, I must add) I will be returning to work tomorrow for the first time since the holidays. The last ten days have been an absolutely fantastic and appreciated break, but the pending Monday is sure to be more than a little disappointing.

Every Monday in my life is like a scene out of the Office – the same coworker touting the same worn Monday clichés, the same lunchroom chatter, and the same stressed priorities. It’s just another Monday, which offers just as much potential as any other day of the week.

This Monday might be a bit different for me, as I’m now 34 weeks pregnant. I’m now too large to comfortably do dishes and take ages to walk anywhere. I enjoy hourly pee breaks and consume hourly snacks. I haven’t been able to breathe for over a month now and haven’t slept well for at least that long. It’s a truly magical time that I’m told is nothing compared to the strain of parenthood.

So tomorrow might suck, but I’m going to try to stay positive. It’s one day to get back into the swing of things – so enjoy it for what it is. Take an opportunity to think about your professional goals for 2016 and start setting them in motion!

Let’s get this Monday over with!


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