Back into ebooks – Kobo eReader


I’m finally getting back into my normal routine, which means I’m starting to get into my Christmas presents. One of the most exciting being a Kobo eReader.

I’ve been a longtime fan of ebooks – so I’m excited to have a reader to download them on. I quickly set up Adobe editions and downloaded a few books from the PEI library. The first being Amber Dusick’s Parenting illustrated with crappy pictures.

So far this humourous part guide, part family chronicle, has kept me entertained and set off a few giggling fits. I love Dusick’s childish comics and fun storytelling. She has a fantastic voice – I feel like she’s an old friend catching me up on silly memories. I plan to check out her blog, crappy pictures, as soon as I’m finished the eBook.

Dusick’s writing has me excited to start chronicling my own adventures in parenthood. One of my favourite cartoons so far has been the first attempts at knock-knock jokes by each of her sons – how amazing is it to have these written down to share with your children when they’re older? It seems like these magical moments are so quickly forgotten!

I think if I have a goal for the year, it will be to read more. The kobo will surely help me to do just that – check back for a review of the device after I’ve taken it for a spin!


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