Happy New Year

After a solid year of blogging, I half expected myself to want to take a break today. But I can’t help myself – I want to write everyday.

I guess that’s what happens when you create a habit. Whether it’s healthy eating, exercise, or blogging, sticking with it every day is the surest way to accomplish your goals.  Even on days where you’d rather just sleep in or slack off, doing a little something to push towards your goal will help you succeed.

Today was a very low key new year’s day for me. I’m absolutely exhausted from the holidays – and being 33 weeks pregnant doesn’t help. I honestly need a vacation from vacation… But that’s what Saturday and Sunday will be for! It’s been an absolutely fantastic holiday season and I feel so lucky to have had the time to visit and celebrate.

One thing that I’ve picked up over the holidays is a new love for puzzles. Yup… I’m aging pretty fast! Check out this evening’s work – I had a great time reconnecting with my mother-in-law over this festive piece!


Happy New Year!


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