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The Nursery is Ready!

Today was quite the day! Scott and I had a plan to finish the nursery – and it went off without a hitch!  We bought the last few items, including a crib mattress and monitor, and finished almost all of the decoration. I have one final project to complete tomorrow before I’ll post the big… Continue reading The Nursery is Ready!

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A Day Off the Blog

Yesterday I decided to break my blogging streak. After more than a year of continuous blogging, I actively decided to let myself take the night off. And guess what – Nothing happened. I don’t know why, but I half-expected to feel like I’d let myself down. Happily, I didn’t – if anything I felt better about… Continue reading A Day Off the Blog

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All is Quiet

I’ve been enjoying some rest before the big day, which has kept me at home a lot more than usual. The days are quiet, which is a little unexpected because I am used to busy weekends with cats underfoot. I thought that they were busy during the day – maybe eating or playing – but… Continue reading All is Quiet


So This is Nesting

So what are you up to tonight? I’m enjoying a little nesting. Which involved the snap decision to wash our second hand pack-and-play in the bathtub.  I’m certain that it will never dry! Lucky for me, my husband is a good sport. He agreed that the playpen could have been dirty. And did not judge… Continue reading So This is Nesting

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Baby Booties

I’ve been going all out on the crochet projects lately. Today I finished a pair of booties which I’d found on Pinterest. The loopy love bootie pattern, published for free on Moogly, is available in three sizes and fairly easy once you get the hang of doing a front-post double crochet stitch. I might actually make a few… Continue reading Baby Booties