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Looking Ahead – 2016


It’s been a very happy holiday season for my little family.

The past year has flown by with a frenzy of writing. It’s funny how this blog has tracked a year’s worth of experiences – I can look back to see what I learned each month and remember so many events that otherwise might have been forgotten. It has become a series of memories that I will always cherish, much like a well-kept journal.

But today I want to look forward. So much of the past year’s blogging has been done in rushed moments before bed that I feel it’s lost its punch. My goal of writing every single day has been met, though I feel quality has suffered. I want to look ahead to a year filled with plenty of new experiences and adventures; that year is almost here.

2016 will mark what’s sure to be one of the most momentous occasions of my life: the birth of my daughter. Yup, it’s a girl! And I will be spending  her first year at home. This year will be different for sure, but if I’ve learned anything from the past few months, it’s that I can accomplish things that I never thought possible if I just work towards them a little bit at a time. So that’s how I’ll approach the new year. One thing at a time.

My mission statement for this year is simply:

Enjoy the moments and embrace change.

Here’s to a great year ahead!

Happy 2016!


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