On Nearly Complete New Years Resolutions


It’s December 2015. Where did the year go?!

I’m more than a little bit excited to ring in the new year this year because I’m pretty sure I’ll have managed something almost unthinkable:

I’ll have succeeded at my new year’s resolution!

This year I decided to take a challenge with my best friend, Tiana, and blog every day of the year.

And we’re both nearly there.

I’m so excited, but I’m also starting to look back and gather my thoughts. I want to share some of the ups and downs of the past year, but also define my plan going forward. And I’m not quite sure what that will look like just yet!

I am looking forward to setting new goals for 2016, while starting my family and spending the year at home. It’s going to be an incredible journey – so I have no intention to stop writing!

Anyway, this is just Sunday night rambling. I’m looking forward to doing some reflective writing this week… I’m just starting to get back into journalling! Have a great week everyone!


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