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Tis the Season – for Creative Advertisements

Scott actually built the mini cellphone fireplace from the Telus ad #happyholidays #lol

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Tonight Scott found an envelope from Telus in the mail. Normally my instinct is to toss these, but he read “free gift inside” and needed to check it out.

Inside was a mini foldable fireplace with a tiny window. The window prompted us to a website with a fireplace video, which he played on his phone. Insert smartphone and you have a mini fireplace. It’s actually pretty cute.

This is one of the more entertaining advertisements that I’ve seen. We actually did get a kick out of it… so I guess Telus was successful in that sense. I won’t be changing my phone plan, but I have to appreciate the playful spirit of this ad.

Did you find a mini fireplace in your junk mail today?


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