Pregnancy · Prince Edward Island

Nighttime Walks

Lately, the only thing that helps with my back pain is walking.

So I’ve been doing a bit of walking.

Since the sun sets early, most of this walking has been at “night”. I use quotation marks around night because it’s actually no later than when I would normally walk or run in the spring or summer, but it’s so dark that I feel like I’m sneaking out after midnight.

I’ve noticed some nice things about night walks. They’re generally quiet, but with Scott along for the trip, they’re not particularly lonely. We get to check out the holiday lights in detail – giving us plenty of opportunity to select our favourites options for our under-decorated home. We can see plenty of stars – including constellations and the odd planet. And we get a bit of exercise.

I’m not looking forward to more snow or freezing conditions at this point, since these will keep me housebound. But for now, I’ll enjoy my evening walks.


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