Hobbies? What Hobbies?


Something has happened over the past couple months.

Between the constant nausea, long work hours, and course-work, I’ve somehow forgotten what it is that I do for fun.


I don’t think this is a particularly normal phenomenon, and honestly it’s not something I expected to deal with until after I have a baby. But then the extra sleep requirement does give me less time to myself.

I’ve noticed this in the past week. I mope around the house, staring out at the five o’clock darkness with dislike. My garden is gone and the yard is now snow-covered. I can’t remember what it is that I like to do in the winter, but I know that I usually enjoy plenty of quiet activities on my own.

So I’m taking a look around. A lot of my craft supplies are still packed up from our recent move, but I could drag out the watercolours no problem. I watched a pretty cool YouTube video about painting galaxies, so that’s something to try this week.  I have another project started using these felted balls , and about a million crochet projects pinned on Pinterest. And a couple colouring books to enjoy.

There are a few books floating around that I’ve been meaning to read, and even more that I’ve been meaning to review for the blog. I also want to start brainstorming for new blog posts. And Finally get back into Vlogging. And start journaling again – there are a million things on my mind that could be written down.

My baby registry could use some work. And I have friends who I’ve been meaning to email – plenty of lost conversations to pick up – and probably a dozen blog-related emails to respond to.

So there are lots of things that I can do on my own – I just need to pick them up. I haven’t really forgotten all my hobbies after-all.


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