A New Coat


Today was made better by finally upping my coat size! I found this reasonably warm winter coat at Old Navy for half price – a great deal for something a bit larger than my norm.

And it feels great.

Over the course of just four weeks I’ve outgrown all of my coats. Last night I was down to just one snap on my regular winter coat, when I heard the all-too-familiar sound of that snap giving way. Pop. And in came the winter air.

So a larger coat was in order. And this one has plenty of room to grow, as well as adjustable strings to keep the coat pulled in during the meantime. I immediately tested it on a walk around the neighborhood – and it was a complete success.

I don’t know why this is blog-worthy, but it definetly seems like news. I think it’s because my static body shape makes me feel weird about new clothes. But having a coat that closes has made me unexpectedly happy – and it makes me appreciate so many other things that I am lucky to have. There are ups and downs, but right now my life is pretty fantastic.


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