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Christmas Cookies – Ninja Style


Tonight Scott and I decorated the most fantastic Christmas cookies to date.

I am in love with our ninja cookie-cutters.

I’ve shared my family tradition of making spice cookies – which fall somewhere between shortbread and gingerbread on the taste spectrum – and in recent years we’ve added ninjas to the mix of ghost-like snowmen and Christmas trees.  Scott and I make the family cookies at our own home; I do the icing and he works the sprinkles. It’s a two-three day process: dough is made, shapes are cut/baked, and cookies are decorated.

The result is as delicious as they are delightful.

The ninjabread cookie cutters work particularly well with this kind of dough – the dry, buttery base of the cookie doesn’t rise very much, so we have a crisp finish. I’m far from an expert decorator, but I always enjoy getting my hands dirty and racing the icing dry time.

If you’re in the market for a new Christmas cookie that got plenty of spice, check out the recipe from Woman’s Day magazine – we’ve been making this one since 1989… so it’s a Christmas classic. Just be aware that the dough is unbelievably dry and will need to be molded roughly into the ball prior to rolling. I always feel a little overwhelmed at that step, but once you’ve got the dough rolling, it’s a beautiful process.



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