Early to bed – with my snoogle


I’ve been up since 6, which is an hour earlier than normal. I have a very active growing baby, so sleep is already hard to come by.

So at just 8:30 I’m getting into bed with a book to read and my new favourite thing: my Snoogle.

What’s a Snoogle? Basically it’s a maternity body pillow that wraps around you. It has a U-shaped end (where I like to put my head) and an L-shaped end, which i prop between my legs. It’s heavenly.

I originally tried to get away with normal pillows. But when I found myself with 4 propped around me, I knew it was time to make an upgrade. I slept so soundly after getting my Snoogle (around 20 weeks), that I wished I’d always had it. These days it’s nice – I really like having the bulk of the pillow behind my back.

Is the Snoogle worth the large (~80$) price tag? For me, yes. I sleep between 8 and 10 hours a night, so it’s really well used. This is one investment I’m glad I made.


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