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Looking Ahead – 2016

It’s been a very happy holiday season for my little family. The past year has flown by with a frenzy of writing. It’s funny how this blog has tracked a year’s worth of experiences – I can look back to see what I learned each month and remember so many events that otherwise might have been forgotten. It… Continue reading Looking Ahead – 2016


Losing track of time

I read something on Facebook about the holidays being a time when you lose track of the days and what you’re supposed to be doing. Yup – that seems about right! Over the past several days I’ve squeezed in more visits than ever and lost complete track of time. One thing I know for sure:… Continue reading Losing track of time


Puzzles and Logic Games – Anti-virus Review

The holidays are definetly my favourite time to drag out board games and puzzles.  This year, Scott and I received a logic game called Anti-virus, which is not only biologically themed, but oddly addictive.  The aim of the game is to remove the red virus piece by moving other pieces diagonally around board. There are… Continue reading Puzzles and Logic Games – Anti-virus Review


A Nothing Kind of Day

Today I did nothing. For real – I lazed around and didn’t do a thing. It was awesome. Sometimes we become so obsessed with accomplishing things, or with social obligations, that we forget to enjoy life. Or at least I do – so taking the day to just chill was a great way to help… Continue reading A Nothing Kind of Day


The Baby Shower

Today my family and friends threw a baby shower for me! I’m still kind of stunned! It was so thoughtful and I appreciated everyone’s gifts and well wishes. I just can’t believe that our new family member will be here in 7 weeks! I’m so exhausted from all of the festivities this week that I… Continue reading The Baby Shower