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28 Weeks and Awkward

28 week pregnant selfie #thirdtrimester #babybump #babyGreer

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So I’m kind of at this awkward place in my life.

I’ve just entered the third trimester of my pregnancy and have finally become ok with discussing pregnancy in general (about time). I’ve never described myself as ‘baby crazy’, but I’m happy to finally learn some of the lingo and eager to have a baby of my own.

Today Scott and I finally  started to purchased a few things for our tiny human. A baby monitor, a bath seat, and a swing – all things that were either on sale, or on Kijij. There are a lot of things to gather… it feels a bit like a race with no ending.

And people are now starting to ask me how far along I am – and I’m still surprised that they know! I can no longer zip my winter coat and walk with the speed of a aging tortoise, but still I’m surprised that people have noticed. It’s not that bad – although I can’t keep from blushing. I can never decide if I should use weeks or months in my response, so I tend to come up with overly complicated answers that make no sense. No one cares – although I do hear a lot about this ‘baby brain’ concept. I’ll take any out I can get!

Anyway, this seems to be the most awkward time yet. I suppose I have to adjust quickly because the holidays are upon us. Bring on the cookies and awkward belly pats! I’ll charm you with conversation about my latest craving. It’s warm bread with butter. Delicious.



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