Very Tired – Observations


I just had the longest day.

I went to work early, stayed late, and got a haircut. For a woman in her third trimester, that’s essentially running a marathon. I can’t string together a coherent thought – and I forgot to take a photo of my new haircut! And now to blog the random thoughts on my exhausted mind.

So… One thing that’s really cool about my new bedroom is the light switch. You’re probably thinking ‘how can a light switch be cool?’ – and I’m about to blow your mind – there is a light switch next to the bed. No more getting up to turn out the lights!

This is easily one of the best ideas ever.

Other tired observations – American Thanksgiving is less than a month before Christmas. That seems very close to me… But also good for the turkey/cranberry/stuffing industries. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow is Friday. Black Friday – which has become a popular shopping day in Canada as well. I might check out some of the deals on Amazon.

Anyway, I’m so sorry but that’s all I’ve got! Hopefully my blogging will be better soon!


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